Discovering Zimbabwe

With 44 spaces protected between parks and reserves with total more than 50 thousand sq km, Zimbabwe has 13% of its total area protected. Unfortunately the country is carried more by its serious social and economic crisis but the wild life of this country is home to some of the parks more inhospitable throughout Africa. It has an average altitude of about 1700 meters being its highest point with nearly 2600 mts mount Nyangani. Their parks and reserves, thanks to its great diversity, are regarded as the most interesting of southern Africa. The elephant population in the country is around 70 thousand copies.

When to go?

More cold and dry months are from May to October and have a similar to the Mediterranean summer climate. Most of the rainfall in the country are usually give in the form of brief floods by afternoons and thunderstorms mainly between April and November, which are usually the months more humid and warm (Zimbabwe is the second country in the world with more registered drooping rays). The winter months are the most comfortable for travel.

Places in Zimbabwe

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