Discovering Zambia

With an area of almost 64 thousand sq km this country hosts 19 national parks and reserves that represent 9% of its total area. Zambia is a diamond in the rough that has some of the wildest parks on the continent such as the South Luangwa and Kafue. Its fauna variety is huge. Zambia is known for hosting the largest concentration of hippos in Africa, as well as one of the largest populations of crocodiles, zebras, impalas, cobs, Lechwe antelopes and leopards.

When to go?

Due to its altitude, Zambia has a temperate climate markedly. The dry season runs from mid-April to August. Here parks are predominantly green. The warm season runs from September until mid November and usually the best time to visit the parks as the vegetation is scarce. The wet season extends from mid November until mid-April and is the best time for the observation of birds.

Places in Zambia

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