Discovering Uganda

This small country of 236 thousand square kilometers is known as “The Pearl of Africa”. It has a dozen of protected areas that represent 5% of the total area of the country. Is the most endearing countries of the continent with incredibly unique and beautiful parks, although no doubt when we talk about safaris in Uganda the first thing that comes to mind are the mountain gorillas. This small country is the best place in Africa for the observation of these endangered primates that barely survive about 650 in the continent.

When to go?

The country usually has two rainy seasons. The first (strongest) takes place between April and may, which typically affects the South of the country; and the second between August and November that tends to have higher incidence in the North. The dry season is usually between December and March when the humidity is lower. The best time to visit the South of the country is usually between July and September and the North between November and March.

Places in Uganda

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