South Africa

Discovering South Africa

Certainly, South Africa is the African country holding highest number of protected areas with more than 400 that occupy more than 66000 square kms which is something less than 6% of the total area of the country. His infrastructure is the most developed and it is the country that receives more tourists a year in sub-Saharan Africa. Many of the parks and reserves of the country are fenced to prevent confrontations between locals and animals. It is also one major country in the world in terms of ecological biodiversity with more than 20000 species (10% of the world total).

When to go?

South Africa can be visited at any time of the year thanks to its marked temperate climate. Winter takes place from June to September and is when the weather is coldest. Here the vegetation is less dense and animals tend to concentrate near the water points with what is the best time to visit it. Summer runs from late November to March and tends to be accompanied by some rain.

Places in South Africa

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