Discovering Namibia

Namibia has just a dozen parks and reserves, but in their joint protected extensions amounted to about 75000 square kms (10% of the total area of the country). It is one of the least populated of Africa with little more than 2 million of inhabitants. Despite his relentless climate gives shelter to some of the most interesting parks of the continent (Etosha) as well as the oldest desert on the planet (Namib). The park management is carried out by NWR (Namibia Wildlife Resort), a semi-private association that is responsible for its management. Its network of lodges, campsites and hostels is the most comprehensive of southern Africa.

When to go?

It is a country strongly influenced by climatic variations. Thus in winter (May) can make a sweltering in the South and, nevertheless, quite cold heat in the North. The regions of the North and interior of the country tend to experience a period of soft rains from October to December while the main rainy season occurring between January and April. The best time to visit the country is between November and March.

Places in Namibia

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