Discovering Kenya

With a size of more than 582 thousand sq km, Kenya has almost 70 protected areas representing 8% of the total area of the country. When we hear the word Safari without a doubt one of the first names that we think is this country, and it is that Kenya is like a paradise garden of torrid and endless savannahs. Think of Kenya is like thinking about the cradle of safaris. It has been inspiration for hundreds of films like Mogambo or Hatari. Here we can find the most famous wildlife reserve of the continent, the Masai Mara, where Safari reaches such dimension that, likely, anywhere else in Africa can offer.

When to go?

The climate is usually quite dry and sunny throughout the year. In Nairobi, the warmest months tend to be February, March and April with temperatures around 25 °; the minimum usually come from June to September and can reach 10 °. April and may are usually the wettest months.
In the Lake Victoria region the wettest months are January and February. The annual great migration, although it is a cyclical phenomenon, conditioned by the rains, usually take place between mid-July and mid-October in the Masai Mara.

Places in Kenya

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