Discovering Botswana

An extension of roughly the size of France, Botswana has 12 protected areas, which together added more than 100 thousand sq km, which represents nearly a quarter of the total in the country. For lovers of wildlife and photographic safaris, this country is a mandatory stop. Thanks to his unique delta (Okavango) the country enjoys a stunning wildlife. Parks and reserves which houses are among the most fascinating in Africa. It is difficult to find low-budget safaris since most are aimed at pockets of class average in forward to prevent the overcrowding of their parks.

When to go?

Botswana lies on the Tropic of Capricorn so his climate as well as his temperatures are extreme. The winter ranging from May to August presents clear, warm days and often cool in the evening. At this time mammals tend to concentrate near water points. The summer ranging from October to April tends to be rainy season and some parks may become impassable.

Places in Botswana

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